M2O2C2: Massively multivariable open online calculus course Spring 2014

This six week Coursera course covers multivariable differential calculus and the relevant linear algebra.

The course launched on March 14, 2014.

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M2O2C2 is an invitation to think carefully about how one thing changing affects something else. What is the "derivative" of a function of many variables? How can a curved object be approximated by a flat plane? What does the chain rule look like when many things are affecting many other things? How do we find an input which maximizes a function of many variables?

This is a course in multivariable differential calculus, but we will also introduce a ton of linear algebra. The result is a course targeted at a student who has seen a bit of calculus and is willing to learn about matrices and vectors to provide the best possible vantage point from which to understand derivatives of functions of many variables.

A follow-up course will cover multivariable integral calculus.