Aspherical manifolds that cannot be triangulated Joint work with Michael W. Davis, Jean-François Lafont

Kirby and Siebenmann showed that there are manifolds that do not admit PL structures [1], and yet the possibility remained that all manifolds could be triangulated, meaning that for every manifold M , there is a simplicial complex K so that the geometric realization of K is homeomorphic to M , but of course the simplicial complex K is not a PL triangulation, meaning the links are not spheres.

Freedman showed that there are 4-manifolds that cannot be triangulated [2]. Davis and Januszkiewicz applied a hyperbolization procedure to Freedman’s 4-manifolds to get closed aspherical 4-manifolds that cannot be triangulated [3]. What about higher dimensions?

In the late 1970s Galewski and Stern [4] and independently, Matumoto, showed that non-triangulable manifolds exist in all dimensions > 4 if and only if homology 3 -spheres with certain properties do not exist. In [5], Manolescu showed that there were no such homology 3 -spheres, and hence non-triangulable manifolds exist in every dimension >4 .

Applying a hyperbolization technique to the Galewski-Stern manifolds shows the following.

Theorem (Davis–Lafont–Fowler). Let n > 5 . There exists a closed aspherical n -manifold which cannot be triangulated.

However, the following question remains open: Do there exist closed aspherical 5 -manifolds that cannot be triangulated?

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