To feed oneself for a week.

 2007-03-27 19:36:17 +0000 personal

The question is: how little can I spend to feed myself for one week? I ought to eat 2000 calories/day, so I’ll need to purchase 14,000 calories/week.

Here’s a “healthy” option: just eat apples. One ounce of apple has 15 calories, so I’ll need to eat 58 pounds of apples per week; I might be able to get this many apples for 29 dollars.

But I can do better! One “Take 5” candy bar is delicious and contains 210 calories, so I’ll need to eat 66 candy bars per week; in the best of all possible worlds, I might be able to purchase this many candy bars for 22 dollars.

I could buy a pound of mayonnaise for two dollars. Apparently a pound of mayonnaise has 3200 calories, so I could get more than enough calories for just ten dollars a week.

Presumably I could do significantly better with potatoes or with rice?