Tasha drops things in water.

 2006-09-23 06:32:00 +0000 personal

Often, Tasha picks something up (say, a pen, or a lego), carries it around, and then drops it into her water bowl. I have no idea what she is thinking when she does this. On the topic of cat thoughts, the Wikipedia article on cats observes:

Some theories suggest that cats see their owners gone for long times of the day and assume they are out hunting, as they always have plenty of food available.

I desperately hope that Tasha believes that I am out hunting (mathematics?). In any case, seeing her carry the legos around answers an old question of mine: about two months ago, I noticed that lego pieces were “mysteriously” appearing in my shoes. The Wikipedia article goes on to note that:

It is thought that a cat presenting its owner with a dead animal thinks it’s ‘helping out’ by bringing home the kill.

In other news, the welcome dinner for GCF went spectacularly well; afterwards, we played Loaded Questions, and I learned that people associate tildes with me to a much stronger degree than I would have believed.