Anime. Cats. Sufjan Stevens, again.

 September 2, 2006 personal

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I watched Neon Genesis Evangelion this summer again, and I’m watching El Hazard now. I am extremely tempted to purchase Mysterious Cities of Gold DVD’s—does anyone else remember how awesome that was?

My cat Tasha is beautiful, and I will miss her while I am in Berkeley.

I am extraordinarily excited by the possibility that Sufjan Stevens might, in his epic quest to author a musical tribute for all 50 states, choose Minnesota next. Perhaps I am swayed by the fact that I am listening to Sufjan Stevens’ The Avalanche, and realizing again that I rather love him.

And I spend quite a bit of time brushing my teeth everyday, but I rather rarely discuss toothbrushing technique, or, for instance, how I learned to brush my teeth.