More car trouble.

 September 26, 2006 personal

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This morning I went to the car to see if I could start it, and at least move it back and forth a bit (as I still don’t have my license). Fortunately, the car started! Unfortunately, the clutch doesn’t seem to do anything.

I am holding down the clutch while the car starts, but then I can’t shift into reverse: all I hear is gear-grinding. I can’t shift into first at all; the knob won’t even move there. With the car off, I shifted into reverse, and then started the car (okay okay, I realize now this was a truly stupid idea), but it merely lurched backward before the engine died. It’s just as if I let up on the clutch too quickly without enough gas…

I guess the clutch isn’t doing anythnig at all.

This must be a consequence of my having not driven it while I was away; the emergency brake is sort of loose feeling, the door locks are sticking, and, rather tellingly, the clutch sort of squeaks when I move it. I guess this means I will have it towed away again to be repaired again; at least the people at the transmission shop are very nice.

I really just want to learn how to drive. Someday, someday.