The end of Co-Op?

 October 4, 2006 personal

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Last night, there was a terrible thunderstorm in Chicago; I’ve never seen so many trees on the road! I was supposed to land at Midway at 7:30pm last night, but we were diverted to Indianapolis, so I didn’t land in Chicago until 2:00am, and then I waited until 3:00am to get a taxi, so I didn’t get home until almost 4:00am. Crazy!

My house lost power last night, and today some places are still without power. In particular, Co-Op Market’s 53th street store was closed, merely displaying a sign “Closed No Power Mgmt.” Considering that their 47th street store shut down, and that their 55th still (?) lacks price scanners, I can only expect that this power outage is the final blow to Co-Op.

In contrast, the also-powerless-but-superior Hyde Park Produce Market was using a generator to power their cash registers (and to provide one very bright light in an otherwise dark store).

My cell phone still works, even after being dropped into water.